Centolla Entera Snow Crab ing Crab

Pesquera Melinka

The MELINKA FISHERY is a chilean - magellan family enterprise belonging to the marriage formed by Milton Saldivia Uribe and Teresa Saldivia Moraga, and together with their three children Verónica, Juan Oscar and Milton Alejandro they raised with effort and enthusiasm what today is the Melinka Fishery, in more than 2 decades they have devoted themselves to the development of the industry of the frozen crustaceans.

Since 1970 Milton Saldivia devotes himself to the artisanal fishing with extractive and transport boats, the fishing tackle is the trap and the activity develops exclusively in crustacean King crab and Snow crab which supplies the Melinka Fishery, there are approximately 25 employees working at the fishery.
For her part, since 1985, Teresa Saldivia devotes herself the production of fishing products, nowadays 25 people are working in the plant, the production have increased and together with it the quality of our products and all the processes are based on the concepts HACCP. We count with the PAC (Program of Quality Insurance) for the lines of Frozen Crustaceans, Fresh Refrigerated Frozen Fish and frozen Bivalve Mollusks. For these last two lines we offer the multure services.