Centolla Entera Snow Crab ing Crab

Pesquera Melinka

  • King Crab

    King Crab



    Common Name

    Chilean Kingcrab, Southern Kingcrab, Centolla

    Scientific Name

    Lithodes antarcticus

    English Name

    King Crab


    From Valdivia (39º50 ' LS), until the Cabo de Hornos (60º00'LS); batimétricamente is located from the area intermareal until the 150 meters ; to the south of the 40º00'LS, has been until the 600 meters.

    Fishing Art


    Minimum Size

    12 cm of longitude cefalotoraxica, the extraction of Female king crabs is also prohibited still when they have the minimum size.

    Extraction Period

    From July 01 up to November 30

    Product presentation

    King crab Fancy, cluster king crab and whole king crab