Centolla Entera Snow Crab ing Crab

The Processes

  • Fresh cooled refrigerated fish (Whole, HG, HGT, FILET, Cheeks and Barbel of:

    Austral Hake (Merluccius australis) 
    Golden Conger Eel (Genypterus blacodes)

  • Bivalve Mollusks Cooked Frozen (IQF)

    Snail Trophon(Trophon geversianus)
    Mussel (Mytilus chilensis)
    Sea Sparragus (Ensis macha)

  • Slaugther


    The matter prevails it comes from fishing Handmade and alone alive units they are received, the slaughter is carried out in form manual, retiring the shell and the viscera in the same movement allowing to bleed in natural form.

  • Cooking and Cooled 

    Is carried out for immersion in water or boil for seven minutes for the Snow Crab and ten minutes for the king Crab. The one cooled is carried out in drinkable water with ice.

    Cooking And Cooled

  • Extraction of Meat 

    Extraction of Meat

    Manual operation of white meat that corresponds to the shoulder or the body of the crustaceans.

  • Extraction of Meat 

    Manual operation of red meat that corresponds to the clip in the case of the Snow crab and to the grouper and the pincers in the case of the King Crab.

    Extraction of Meat

  • Extraction of Meat 

    Extraction of Meat

    Is take out in form manual and they retire all the remains of cartilages, shells, thorns, gills or any type of impure.

  • Weight and Model 

    The meat is weighed according to sale specifications and it is decorated in molds of Stainless steel.

    •  - 40% of red meat, 60% of white meat for Snow Crab. 
    •  - 45% red meat, 55% white meat for King Crab

    Weight and Model